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Diamond Blades for Flat Saws and Hand-Held Quickie Saws
Concrete Cutting Blade, circular saw concrete blade
Our range of wet and dry cutting diamond blades includes everything from cured concrete with various hardnesses to asphalt and green concrete. We also offer a comprehensive range of blades with recessed or drop segments (depending on diameter) to protect against undercutting. These blades work with all types of saws, from small electric saws to large diesel machines.

Cougar ST Supreme Diamond Blade
Cougar ST supreme diamond blades for fast cutting with long life on cured concrete with light to medium steel reinforcing.
Cougar ST Diamond Blade
Our most versatile and best selling diamond blade for reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and asphalt. Also great for straight rebar.
Cougar XW Wide Cut Diamond Blade
Available in .187 (3/16"), .250 (1/4"), .375 (3/8") and .500 (1/2" wide). Use wet or dry for cured concrete, green concrete and asphalt.
Cougar Standard Diamond Blade
For fast cutting and long life on cured concrete. Use wet or dry on most cut-off saws and 5-20 hp concrete saws.
Cougar Premium Diamond Blade
For wet or dry cutting of cured concrete and some asphalt. Use on most hand-held saws or 5-24 hp concrete saws. Get Free Shipping And an Additional 10% - 15% Off with our New Volume Pricing!