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Dust Extraction Tools and Vacuum Systems for Construction and Industry. Our portable dust extraction vacuums are designed for dust collection with concrete grinders, cut-off saws, tuck point grinders, wall slotters and sanders. All units have a built in automatic power take off outlet that allows power tools to remotely turn the vacuum "on and off".
Dust Muzzle Ultra - New!
Save the life of your tool, eliminate dust and leave a cleaner, more professional look. Use on all 4"-5" and 7"-8" grinders.
Concrete Grinders
This item is Temporarily Unavailable.
Wet/Dry Vacuums
High efficiency Wet/Dry Vacuums for Concrete Dust Collection. Features Automatic Pulse Filter Cleaning System and Outlet for Electric Power Tools.
Accessories for dust extraction include plastic and paper filter bags, slurry filter bags, filter cartridges and cleaning kit.