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MKDX Profile Wheels

Diamond Profile Wheels achieve a quality finish on all profile and bevel shapes. They allow for even removal rates with minimal effort. Shaping and polishing is a process that takes time and requires that each grit size be used properly to achieve a quality finish. Important Points in the Polishing Process: Never skip grit sizes during the shaping/polishing process. Skipping grit sizes will result in an unsatisfactory finish to the stone. To finish the profile always use the same radius wheel as used for the initial shaping.
Segmented Profile Wheels
Rough shape your material to the desired profile using our Diamond Segmented (30/40) profile wheel.
Sintered Profile Wheels
Use the Sintered Profile Wheel (60/80) to smooth the surface as much as possible .
Plated Profile Wheels
Use the Plated (140/170) wheel. This stage ultimately determines the quality of the finish.
Resin Bond Profile Wheels
Use fine grit wheels for a quality finish. Fine grit pads consist of 400, 800, 1,500, 1,800 and 3,500.