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Stone Diamond Blades:
Reliable and Efficient Diamond Blades for Cutting Granite and Marble.
Stiletto Flush Cut Blades
Use with our flush cut adaptor (not included) to allow for cutting and grinding in tight areas. Use on granite, marble and similar materials.
Stone Fire Granite Blade
Use for even faster cutting and longer life on granite and marble. Fits most hand-held grinders and saws.
Stiletto Segmented
High performance segmented diamond blade for cutting granite and marble. Use wet or dry.
Dry Cut Marble Blades
For fast dry cutting and long life on marble, resin and composites with no burn marks.
Silent Core Granite
Fast free cutting of granite and marble.
Silent Core Marble
Smooth cutting, narrow slotted blade for compact marble.
Contour Blades
Diamond contour blades for cutting sink holes in granite and other stone. Priced from only $49.00!