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Our Masonry Blades Handle All the Rough Cuts

Whether you're constructing a brick building, working on a road crew or remodeling your home, Delta Diamond has the masonry blades to make your job that much easier. From wet to dry cutting, our masonry saw blades are engineered for the tough stuff, ensuring you get the job done right the first time.

Our masonry blades slice through the toughest materials, from concrete jungles to ancient stones, ensuring your project's foundation is as solid as our reputation. With 30+ years of construction experience, we know how much you depend on your masonry diamond blades.

That's why we only provide you with the toughest of the tough.

Choose the Right Masonry Saw Blades for Your Project

Selecting the correct masonry saw blade is pivotal for the success of any masonry project. The main factors to consider include the material you're cutting, the size of the project and the specific features of the blade.

Diamond masonry blades are highly sought after for their exceptional durability and cutting precision. Delta Diamond Products offers a wide variety of masonry saw blades designed to meet the needs of both small-scale DIY projects and large construction tasks. Understanding the differences between blade types and their intended uses can greatly influence the efficiency and quality of your work. Consider the following:

● Blade Size: Match the blade diameter with your saw's specifications for safe and effective cutting. Larger blades are suited for deeper cuts and larger projects, while smaller blades offer more precision and are ideal for detailed work.

● Material Compatibility: Ensure the blade is suitable for the material you plan to cut. Blades designed for concrete may not perform well on softer materials like asphalt. Choosing a blade that matches the material ensures a smoother cut and extends the blade's lifespan.

● Rim Type: Choose from segmented, continuous or turbo rims based on the desired finish and cutting speed. Segmented rims are perfect for fast cutting and cooling,

continuous rims offer the cleanest cuts for materials like tile and marble, and turbo rims provide a balance of speed and smooth cutting for various materials.

Benefits of Delta's Masonry Diamond Blades

Delta Diamond Products is an industry favorite thanks to our high-quality masonry diamond blades, crafted with precision and care, ensuring top performance, durability and reliability. Below are some key reasons for choosing Delta Diamond:

 ● Unmatched Durability: Because they're constructed with high-grade materials, these blades offer extended life and resistance to wear, allowing you to tackle numerous projects without frequent replacement.
● Exceptional Cutting Performance: Engineered for precision, Delta's blades ensure clean, accurate cuts on various masonry materials, from concrete to brick, enhancing work efficiency and project outcomes.
● Comprehensive Warranty: Delta Diamond Products provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their masonry blades, offering peace of mind and quality assurance.
● Competitive Price Match: In addition to premium quality, Delta offers a Price Match Guarantee, ensuring you get the best value for your investment without compromising quality.
● Decades of Experience: With years of industry experience, we at Delta have refined our product offerings to meet and exceed the demands of masonry work, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
● Partnership with Leading U.S. Manufacturers: Delta collaborates closely with premier manufacturers in the USA to produce masonry diamond blades that adhere to our rigorous quality standards and specifications.
● Customer-Centric Service: Beyond products, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, offering expert advice and support to ensure you select the right blade for your specific project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry Blades

Below, we've addressed some common questions about masonry blades. Please reach out if you need additional information.

The lifespan of a masonry cutting blade can range from several hours to a few hundred hours of cutting time. Factors that influence this include the type of material being cut (harder materials wear down blades faster), the amount of pressure applied during cutting and the blade's quality. To maximize longevity, it's important to use the blade as intended and allow for periodic cooling to avoid overheating.

Yes, masonry cutting blades are versatile and can be used on various materials; however, to achieve the best results and maintain safety, it's crucial to match the blade to the material. For instance, blades explicitly designed for cutting through concrete may not perform as well on more abrasive materials like asphalt and will cause more wear and tear on the blade. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for recommended uses.

Proper maintenance of masonry saw blades extends their lifespan and ensures safer use. After each use, clean the blade with water to remove debris and prevent buildup. Inspect the saw blade regularly for signs of wear, cracks or damage. Additionally, using the blade at the correct speed and not forcing the cut can prevent premature wear. Store the blade in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from moisture, to prevent rust and corrosion.

Safety should always be a priority when using masonry cutting blades. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including ear protection, safety glasses and dust masks, to protect against flying particles and noise. Ensure the work area is secure, and the material being cut is firmly clamped down to prevent movement. Never operate the saw without the guard in place, and always check that the blade is compatible with the saw's speed. Familiarize yourself with the saw's operations and safety features before beginning your project.

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