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Which style of tuck point blade do I need?

Choose between single or sandwiched style tuck point diamond blades.

Single Blade is best for large jobs, they last longer and can cut concrete.

Sandwiched Blades cut faster and provides a rougher cut. 

What Are Tuck Point Blades Used For?

Our diamond Tuck Point Blades are specialized cutting tools used in masonry work, specifically for tasks related to brick and mortar. The primary purpose of tuck pointing is to repair or replace the mortar joints between bricks. Here's how these tuck pointing tools are used:

Mortar Removal: Tuckpointing blades are designed to remove old or deteriorated mortar from between bricks. The blades come in varying thicknesses allowing for precise and efficient removal of mortar without damaging the surrounding bricks.

Joint Preparation: After removing the old mortar, the tuck point diamond blades help in preparing the joints for repointing. They create a clean and uniform groove or channel in the mortar joint, providing a suitable surface for the application of new mortar.

Repointing: Tuck pointing involves filling the cleaned mortar joints with fresh mortar. The blades help create a consistent depth and width for the new mortar, ensuring a neat and uniform appearance.

Restoration Work: Tuck pointing blades are commonly used in historic restoration projects to maintain the original appearance of brick structures. They allow craftsmen to carefully remove damaged or deteriorated mortar and replace it with new material.

Aesthetic Improvements: In some cases, tuck pointing is done for aesthetic reasons. The blades help in creating decorative patterns or designs in the mortar joints, enhancing the visual appeal of the brickwork.