COUGAR® HD Diamond Saw Blades, Supreme Grade, Segmented-Turbo, for Cured Concrete with Rebar Reinforcing, Masonry, Stone & Similar Materials, Size 10" to 20"

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COUGAR® HD. When it's time for an upgrade.

Cougar® HD professional diamond saw blades are designed with laser-welded supreme quality turbo segments for fast, smooth, heavy-duty cutting of cured concrete with rebar reinforcing, masonry, pavers, stone, and all similar materials. Lasts 2x longer than competitor blades. Made for use in high-production environments by professional concrete cutters. Can be used on gas or electric hand-held power saws, self-propelled or walk-behind saws up to 35 HP.

Turbo-segment design allows for fast, smooth cuts for peak performance with less stress on the operator and machine. Cooling holes are designed to allow for long continuous cuts. 12MM tall diamond segments are laser-welded to provide maximum durability and cutting life at a low cost per cut. 

  • Professional quality diamond saw blade for high-production cutting on a variety of materials such as cured concrete with heavy-duty rebar reinforcing, stone, masonry, pavers, concrete products, and all similar materials.
  • Use on all gas or electric hand-held power saws, and walk-behind saws.
  • Turbo-segments for fast, smooth cutting.
  • Supreme grade lasts 2X longer than competitor blades.
  • Comparable to other industry-leading brands for a fraction of the price.
  • Designed for maximum performance and reliability.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

All diamond tool products including blades, coring bits, hole saws and grinding wheels include a limited lifetime warranty against warping, cracking and material defects. If any diamond tool (being used for its intended purpose with at least 50% of the diamond life remaining) fails to cut or work properly, or if the bond between the diamond segment and the steel core becomes separated at any time, the tool may be replaced free of charge.

Use the table below as safe speed guidelines for your diamond blade.
Blade Diameter Rec. RPM Max. RPM
4" 9,000 15,200
4-1/2" 8,000 13,500
5" 7,200 12,200
6" 6,500 11,090
7" 5,100 8,730
8" 4,500 7,640
9" 4,000 6,700
10" 3,600 6,115
12" 3,000 5,095
12" High Speed N/A 6,300
14" 2,500 4,364
14" High Speed N/A 5,460
16" 2,200 3,800
16" High Speed N/A 4,724
18" 2,000 3,300
20" 1,800 3,000
24" 1,500 2,550
26" 1,300 2,350
28" 1,200 2,185
30" 1,200 2,040
32" 1,100 1,910
36" 1,000 1,700
42" 800 1,455
48" 700 1,275
*Recommended RPM based on 9,500 SFPM.

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