Eibenstock EBM 352/3P, Wet Core Drill - 3 Speed - Holes up to 14"

EibenstockSKU: EBM352/3P

Sale price$1,899.00 USD


EBM 352/3P is a high torque and easy to operate machine. Featuring a rugged three-speed gearbox, it is the lightest and most powerful core drill in its class. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, it will drill holes up to 14" in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt and natural stone. It can also be mounted on a variety of drill rigs.

  • Internal oil pump lubricates the gearbox and shaft for longer life.
  • Mechanical 3-speed gearbox for optimal drilling speeds: 230-500-1030 RPM.
  • Soft start and overload protection. Mechanical slip clutch protects in case of jamming.
  • Motor Mount, positive locking knob, and two 5" wheels.
  • The angle is adjustable up to 45 degrees.
  • Equipped with 1-1/4" x 7 UNC connecting threads.
  • Use with anchor stand BST 300.

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