GT Turbo Diamond Cup Wheels for Concrete, Masonry and Stone

Size: 4" X 9 Segs X 7/8"-5/8"
Sale price$24.00 USD


Top-quality diamond cup grinding wheels for masonry, stone and similar materials. Use for leveling or preparing concrete and stone surfaces, concrete deburring, rough-surface grinding and form mark removal. Each wheel is CNC spin balanced for better grinding accuracy with low vibration and noise. Use 9 and 12 segment wheels for fast, aggressive grinding and a low cost. 18 and 24 segment wheels are for smoother grinding with longer life.

  • Sizes ending in 5/8"-11 feature a 5/8" threaded arbor.
  • Sizes ending in 7/8" feature a 7/8"-5/8" non-threaded arbor.

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