Husqvarna Cut-n-Break 9" Diamond Blades, EL10, EL35, EL70

HusqvarnaSKU: 597807901

Cut-N-Break Blades: EL 10CnB
Sale price$325.50 USD


Husqvarna Cut-N-Break Diamond Blades are the perfect choice for a variety of cutting jobs. The EL10, EL35, and EL70 versions allow you to cut nearly any material. Concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, block, and more. The two high-speed blades make a 7/8" wide cut (or core in the saw cut), which can then easily be broken off using the  accompanying breaking tool. All blades provide a long-lasting, superior finish without excessive vibration.

EL10 is for hard concrete and natural stones.

EL35 is a general-purpose blade that will cut hard material such as heavily reinforced concrete, river rock, granite, mica, precast panels, marble, quartz, trap rock, flint rock, and concrete over 6,000 psi tensile strength.

EL70 is for abrasive materials such as asphalt, block, and brick.

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