Husqvarna K 970 Ring Saw 14" Gas Concrete Power Cutter

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When you need to make deep cuts fast our K 970 Ring is the answer. It has a high cutting capacity, can make deep cuts from one side, and is the quickest method for small and medium-sized cuts, as no time is lost on installing rails. It makes cuts up to 10" deep, twice the depth of standard 14" blades, and can reduce the amount of excavation needed to locate pipes. The K970 14" Gas Ring Saw's X-torq® engine increases power while reducing emissions and fuel use, and its Smartcarb™ carburetor maintains high power with less fuel.

  • Active Air Filtration™ and dust-sealed Durastarter™ increase maintenance intervals while reducing downtime.
  • Poly V-belt delivers better power transmission with less frequent belt re-tensioning.
  • Features Easystart™ decompression valve for quicker starting.
  • One-year warranty.

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