COUGAR® ALL-CUT Combo Diamond Saw Blades, Wet/Dry Supreme, Segmented-Turbo, Original Blue Dot Blade for Cured Concrete with Rebar Reinforcing, Masonry, Stone, Size 12" to 24"

Size: 12" X .125 X 1"-20MM Arbor
Sale price$114.95 USD


COUGAR® ALL-CUT Combo diamond saw blades are designed for use on a wide range of materials such as cured concrete with rebar reinforcing, asphalt, masonry, pavers, stone, and all similar materials. Made with laser-welded supreme quality turbo segments for fast, smooth, heavy-duty cutting and drop segments for undercut protection which helps prevent premature wearing of the turbo segments. Can be used on gas or electric hand-held power saws, self-propelled or walk-behind saws up to 35 HP.

  • Professional quality diamond saw blade for high-production cutting on a variety of materials such as cured concrete with heavy-duty rebar reinforcing, stone, masonry, pavers, concrete products, and all similar materials.
  • Use on all gas or electric hand-held power saws, and walk-behind saws.
  • Turbo-segments for fast, smooth cutting.
  • Drop-segments prevent premature wearing.
  • Supreme grade lasts 2X longer than competitor blades.
  • Comparable to other industry-leading brands for a fraction of the price.

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